Water main break detection, Non Revenue Water (NRW) management, 24/7 notifications

Real-Time Pipe Failure Detection
Advanced sensing platform measuring multiple pipe leakage indicators – pressure, acoustic and flow – integrated with state-of-the-art analytics to keep an eye on pipe breaks in critical network sections – round the clock!

Visenti’s LeakView™ system is comprised of multiple pipe leakage indicators such as high-rate (64-256 samples/sec) pressure sensors, hydrophones and flow meters installed at optimal locations - coupled with minute-by-minute data analytics for anomaly detection. This solution is offered in two sensing configurations depending upon the leakage and burst detection needs:

Pipe Burst/Leak Detection & Localization: Pressure Transient & Hydrophone units – suitable for distribution network, trunk mains and customer connections. Can be installed on existing tapping points such as fire hydrants.

Non Revenue Water Tracking, Water Loss Management and Anomaly Detection: Flow meter, Pressure Transient & Hydrophone units are installed to detect and track losses on transmission mains and DMA/DMZ. The sensing devices transmit continuous information about potential leaks in the pipe network to a data management and analytics engine. The LeakView™ system identifies the pressure transients, acoustic noise and/or flow anomalies related to such breaks and localizes them to the faulty pipe with high likelihood. This detection process is automated and provides information on the severity of leaks to help the repair crews prioritise their response.

System Performance

  • LeakView™ can be deployed on Trunk mains, Open networks or inside DMAs.
  • Pipe breakage can be detected and localized from a range of 1 Km or more using pressure transients or 500m using hydrophones, depending on network connectivity and configuration.
  • Water main breaks can typically be detected on pipes with diameter above 100mm. Leakage detection on smaller diameter pipes requires a denser deployment
  • Pipe bursts can be detected on pipes made of Asbestos Cement, all metal pipes such as Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, etc. Plastic pipes such as PE, HDPE and PVC require higher density sensor deployments.
  • Water main breaks can be detected and localized in real-time (24/7) . Not only during the night!
  • Leak localization accuracy using pressure transients or acoustics is dependent on the GIS data accuracy. On average, the accuracy is 20m to 100m. Thereafter, the utility needs to survey the suspected pipe to pinpoint the leak.
  • Alerts are sent in real-time to the customers and can be integrated within customer’s own SCADA system.

Monitoring and Command Center

Visenti also offers a subscription-based 24/7 alarm monitoring service to complement LeakView™. Once a critical leak event is identified, Visenti’s Control Center is activated to respond to the alert and escalate to the most relevant network operators.

Pressure transient-hydrophone sensors providing extensive pipeline coverage, and 24/7 alerts allow cost effective large-scale pipe failure detection on critical parts of the network.

Real-time Alarms sent to a 24/7 control room help monitor the pipe network, prevent false alerts and improve response time.

Visenti combines the benefits of three major leak detection methodologies – Pressure Transients, Hydrophones and Flow rates – to provide a comprehensive non-revenue water reduction solution.

Pressure Transients Hydrophones Flow
Network Long Distance up to 1.0 Km Short Distance up to 500m At the DMA Inlet, for entire DMA
Pipe Size All pipe diameters Most effective on pipe diameters below 600mm More suitable to medium or large diamater pipes
Pipe Material All pipe materials Best suited on metallic pipes NA
Detection Time 24/7 Detection Most effective during night time / during quiet hours Effective over daily/weekly trend analysis
Network Types Suitable to all network configurations – DMA, Trunk Mains, Open Networks Suitable to all network configurations – DMA, Trunk Mains, Open Networks Suitable for well managed DMAs
Localization Accuracy Leak Localization Accuracy up to +/-50m – with each sensor covering several KM of pipe Can potentially Pin-point leak events up to +/- 5m DMA level indication of leaks and water losses
Alert Time Alerts sent within minutes of the occurrence of pipe burst Alerts are monitored over a period of 24-48 hours to confirm existence of developing leak Alert on pipe burst are sent within minutes, alerts on increased water losses are sent on daily basis
Types of Leak Detects newly occurring bursts Detects leaks growing over time Detects background existing leakage

Sensor deployment

Above ground deployment

Sensing equipment

Below ground deployment

Case Studies

  1. DMA level Water loss tracking through online minimum night-flow analysis

  2. Steel Transmission main (diameter 300mm) burst detection and localization in real-time using pressure transients measured by multiple sensing sites

  3. Cast Iron Distribution pipe (diameter 200mm) slow leakage detection from a range of 0.5Km using acoustic energy measured by hydrophone

Quick Return on Investment

with Visenti’s LeakView™

  • Reduced run time of leaks, which is a major contributing factor of your NRW component.
  • Early location and repair of underground and unreported bursts that can run indefinitely and can cause infrastructure damage.
  • Repairing leaks early – minimising the risk of catastrophic failures, property damage, liability and higher repair and rehabilitation costs.
  • Minimising shutdowns, or water outage, planning of shutdowns when convenient, not as an emergency, public perception.
  • Reduced rehabilitation costs.
  • Reduce public and property risk.
  • Minimise legal / litigation costs / Reduction in insurance costs and claims.
  • Proactive monitoring is evidence you are managing and minimising risk.
  • Reduce the re-occurrence of bursts through managing, reducing or eliminating damaging transient events.
  • Predictive burst analysis (predicting new burst events).
  • A fraction of the cost of permanent acoustic noise logging.